Who will benefit from available B2NŽ Back to Nature 100% Degradable plastic products?

Cement Plants
Commercial offices
Cruise Liners
Government offices
Janitorial Service Providers
Municipal Buildings
Refuse Contractors
Sanitation Service Providers
Solid Waste Management Bodies

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Customer Benefits

Degradable is Available. Make it your choice. Take an environmental stance and make a statement. Protect your environment and let us help you let the world know what you are doing towards a better future.

Have your needs met

GEPI offers one source for all your degradable and biodegradable plastic needs. Standard products are available for distribution ex our Miami freight consolidators for distribution in the mainland US or any part of the world. Full, mixed or partial container loads of customized or specialized product can be shipped directly from our syndicated manufacturers around the world to any location.

Get your message out

We can assist in the development of environmental claim statements for printing on your bag along with your regular logos, text and graphics. Print quality ranges from one colour to full photographic quality. We can connect you with environmental authorities or groups in various countries that will help you get your new marketing message known. Let us help your business make a difference while you enhance our environment.

Take advantage of incentives

We can design Multi Use 100% Degradable specialty bags for your business that will help you to comply with decreased volume regulations or benefit from initiatives or incentives offered by your government.

Expand your range of 100% Degradable plastic products

Research and development is ongoing to bring even more 100% Degradable products available to you.

Benefit from low cost and seamless integration

Our products are competitively priced compared to conventional plastic products. Further cost savings are a definite possibility as several of our manufacturers are located in the Far East where economies of scale often produce even better pricing. We will ensure a smooth transfer of your inventory from conventional to 100% Degradable.

Experience and Expertise

Let us put a decade of experience in the development of products, sales, marketing and environmental science to work for you. Let us know your required product specs and turnover volumes so that we can start to change your packaging to B2NŽ Back2Nature 100% Degradable plastic.