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Global Environmental Polymers Inc. (GEPI) is a privately held company that supplies and markets B2N® Back 2 Nature 100% Degradable Plastic products to customers around the globe. We have a decade of experience in in creating and selling degradable and bio-degradable plastic products. Our manufacturers and research and development affiliates are located all around the world to provide reliable service to our customers wherever they are located, for almost any type of degradable product they may need.

B2N® Back 2 Nature 100% Degradable plastic products are made exclusively with EPI TDPA™ additive technology. They are indistinguishable from conventional plastics. The plastics possess all the useful properties of conventional plastics to which we have all become accustomed, except that after their useful life they will degrade in harmony with the environment leaving only Carbon Dioxide, water and a small amount of biomass. B2N® Back 2 Nature 100% Degradable plastic products are available in over 150 product applications and can replace conventional polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene products. The range of products include several food packaging applications which comply with the requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), the European Food Safety Authority (“EFSA”) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (“CFIA”).

GEPI markets its products directly to high volume plastic consumer companies who are concerned about the damage that conventional plastics are causing to our environment. In particular the association of conventional plastics with global warming represents opportunities for leading commercial brands worldwide to make a positive impact. Customers can benefit from the goodwill generated by an earth-friendly marketing message and an environmentally correct corporate stance. GEPI works with clients to determine the most suitable opportunities that could be embraced to enhance their environmental profile and reduce the effects of conventional plastics on our world at the same time. GEPI products are competitive with conventional plastics and GEPI will work with clients to reduce or eliminate packaging costs.

Corporate Profile

Global Environmental Polymers Inc. (GEPI) was incorporated in September of 2006 pursuant to the issue of a Trademark License by EPI of Canada. B2N® is a registered Trademark of GEPI and GEPI 100% Degradable products are made exclusively with EPI TDPA® additives.

Beginning in 1998 the principals of GEPI pioneered the use of EPI’s TDPA® (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) in plastic packaging for commercial applications in the Caribbean. EPI does not make finished product and the new alliance therefore provides a means for GEPI to market B2N® Back2Nature globally.

The Company's Chief Executive Officer Mark Austin has been involved in marketing and distribution in the Caribbean market for the past 28 years. The GEPI board of directors include highly specialized resources in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Environmental Science and Finance. GEPI benefits from the expertise and resources of EPI's global network in the areas of marketing, research, development and technical support.

GEPI can satisfy the growing demand for alternatives to many pollutant plastics. The extensive array of product applications includes shopping bags, food bags, produce bags, refuse sacks for commercial and domestic use, food trays, cutlery (forks, knives and spoons), cups, drinking straws, egg cartons, fast food containers, meat trays, packaging products, salad trays, sandwich containers, banana sleeves, banana box liners, garment covers, cling film, stretch wrap and pallet wrap, among many others.

The availability and use of degradable plastics is gaining recognition in many markets. Several countries around the world have introduced legislation aimed at restricting the use of conventional plastic because of the persistent menace that it becomes after it is discarded. “Degradable is Available” however and GEPI will generate public awareness that B2N® Back2Nature 100% Degradable plastic is a practical alternative to the use of harmful conventional plastics, by targeting government bodies, waste management authorities and key global brands to introduce initiatives that will reduce spending on pollution management.


It is the intention of GEPI to become the leading supplier of degradable plastic products in the world. Our passion is fueled by the compelling need to minimize the effects of plastic pollution on the environment. Our desire is to position B2N® Back2Nature 100% Degradable plastic as a valuable commodity to leading brands (end users) in the commercial, industrial and retail markets in various countries, by encouraging them to recognize the positive environmental benefits and cost effectiveness of B2N® Back2Nature 100% Degradable plastic.

From loss of landscape beauty and value, through damage to flora and fauna, to taking up landfill space, plastic wastage is affecting all of us. Worst of all, methane emissions from refuse bagged in conventional plastic in the landfill contribute significantly to global warming and severe flooding in part caused by conventional plastic that blocks drains occur from time to time. Opportunities exist for brand leaders to capitalize on initiatives that would reduce these hazards. The same is true in the marine environment where B2N® Back2Nature 100% Degradable plastic can reduce damages to reefs and marine life. Further opportunities exist where banana producing markets can gain an advantage in banana pricing and export volumes by the incorporation of degradable plastics in the farming process. This will have a positive financial impact on the respective economies.

GEPI clients have the benefit of experienced research, lobbying, marketing and scientific resources that will result in win win results for client and environment. We can design and build products suitable to clients’ individual needs, whether they relate to functionality, environmental aims, pricing or carbon credits rating.

Degradable is Available. Make it your choice. Take an environmental stance and make a statement. Protect your environment and let us help you let the world know what you are doing towards a better future.